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Welcome to the homepage of the REMEDY program at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. We are a student-run, philanthropic organization that aims to promote medical education, global health, and international service. We plan annual medical service trips abroad and donate funds to clinics that aid underserved populations. Find out more about our group, or feel free to contact us.

Mission 2013: CerviCusco - Cusco, Peru

From 2010-2012, REMEDY has partnered with the CerviCusco clinic in Cusco, Peru, to help perform pap smears to screen women for cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is one of the leading causes of death for women in Peru, but the disease is preventable with proper screening. According to CerviCusco, Peruvian women have one of the highest rates of cervical cancer in the world. This is disproportionately true for women who live in the isolated mountain regions of the country. Many women lack the financial means and geographic access to preventive healthcare. CerviCusco was created to advance cervical cancer prevention with the goal of reducing the morbidity and mortality of cervical neoplasia in Peruvian women. CerviCusco provides high quality screening, diagnostic and therapeutic medical services, and unique expertise to ensure that that all Peruvian women, especially the underserserved and impoverished, receive necessary care.

Over the past six years, REMEDY at Pritzker has organized successful trips to the Dominican Republic, Peru, and Cuba. This year, we plan to build upon previous success and bring our donations, knowledge, and passion back to Cusco, Peru. This will be a mutually beneficial process: we will offer the clinics an infusion of funding and volunteers, while receiving the opportunity to integrate knowledge of the complexities of international healthcare into our medical education. Ultimately, we plan to become advocates for the improvement of healthcare in developing nations and to become leaders in the effort to reduce healthcare disparities around the world.

News & Fundraising Events:

    This year's trip to Cusco, Peru was a great success! Thank you to everyone who helped us meet our fundraising goals and supported us along the way. We would like to introduce the newly minted REMEDY blog which recaps the days of our service, including all of the work we were able to do in Cusco, along with a few anecdotes about being a medical student on a global service trip. Soon we will be passing the torch to the new first year class at Pritzker, but first please take a minute to read about our adventures!
    Thank you again,
    REMEDY 2012

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